Katie Tarrant

News Reporter at The Sunday Times. 

Previously TV and radio for BBC Two, BBC Three, The Today Programme, BBC Midlands and Sky News.

Reporting in The Guardian, Byline Times, The Sunday Mirror, OpenDemocracy and Tortoise

Research for Private Eye and Unearthed

Scores of coppers keep their jobs despite sending sick WhatsApp messages

Lots of disgraced cops are still on the beat despite being disciplined for vile behaviour on WhatsApp. A Sunday Mirror probe reveals rogue officers sent racist, sexist and homophobic material, mocked crime victims and sent confidential information. They include three Met officers who were let off with a written warning after sending “joke” messages about raping and murdering a crime victim, and only giving help in exchange for sex acts. Meanwhile, two policemen face charges for allegedly swap

Mapping the Pandemic: £2 Billion in Contracts Awarded to Conservative Associates –

Pulling together a year of evidence, Byline Times and The Citizens can reveal that deals worth billions have been awarded to top Conservative Party associates during the Coronavirus crisis Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, 15 individuals with strong connections to the Conservative Party, parliamentarians or Government representatives have been linked to companies awarded more than £2 billion in COVID-related contracts, Byline Times and The Citizens can reveal.

Ex-footballer's warning that ethnic minorities are gambling's biggest losers

A footballer whose wild bets cost him £500,000 and his marriage is calling for urgent help for the 1.5 million problem gamblers from ethnic minority backgrounds. He said he grew up in a Caribbean culture where gambling problems still have “a stigma and shame” attached to them. Tony, who runs lobby group Red Card, said: “My main purpose is to get young people from our community not to be afraid and talk about gambling issues.” He said a study found 20% of people from ethnic minorities suffer g

Concerns raised over ‘dark money’ funding anti-lockdown MPs

A group of anti-lockdown MPs has been criticised for taking thousands of pounds’ worth of donations from a secretive organisation which is not listed on any official company registers. The Recovery Alliance has been providing media and consultancy services to the COVID Recovery Group (CRG), a group of Conservative MPs that has repeatedly called for lockdown restrictions to be lifted. The group has proven adept at grabbing news headlines, with the CRG’s Steve Baker this weekend warning Prime Mi

Fears grow for those facing domestic abuse as England enters second lockdown

As a new national lockdown comes into force in England, organisations working with people facing domestic abuse are making renewed calls for long-term funding, and pushing for further amendments to the domestic abuse bill, as it makes its way through the Lords. The impact of the pandemic on those facing domestic abuse was evident almost immediately during the national lockdown in March. The Counting Dead Women project told MPs that between 23 March and 12 April, at least 16 domestic abuse killi